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When we began our business six years ago, we never could have anticipated the journey we have taken. Meeting incredible clients, capturing magical moments. All of it surreal, exciting, and truly a blessing. One of the aspects we have come to love most about this business of ours, is the intimate relationships we build with our clients. And in second place; working together side-by-side as a team. We have evolved as a business, as a couple, and as a photography duo. To reflect our evolution, we made the decision a few months ago to begin the process of rebranding our business thanks to a huge push (or shove) by the talented Justin and Mary Marantz.

After ‘interviewing’ several marketing/branding firms, we hired Jared Knetzer of Lalu Designs. He immediately put me to work to create a vision board. To say I was all over the place, well it is quite the understatement. Aside from the various color palettes and pretty pictures I had on my board, there was one key element we knew had to be present.


Yup, as in forever. Never ending. As cliche as infinity may seem, it holds a very special place in our hearts, and in our relationship as husband and wife. When Bryan and I were dating I discovered he hadn’t seen many of my favorite Disney movies. I quickly decided that date nights would involve cartoon marathons. It wasn’t long after first watching Toy Story together that Bryan began signing all of his notes/cards to me with, “To Infinity and Beyond, Love Bryan.” Whether it’s a note he hides for me to find when he goes out of town or an anniversary card, everyone of them has been signed with the same signature line for 15 years. Without fail. Without waiver.




Jared’s designs were everything we hoped for and more! Jared, a MILLION THANKS! Our new logo is far more than a logo. It’s a representation of our partnership, both professional and personal. While we are working on some finishing touches, we just couldn’t wait to share this exciting news any longer!



lancaster wedding photographer


We are super excited to operate under our new name, but our clients remain our number one priority!

april and bryan photography
Special thanks to Carissa Uribe of Dulce Photography, who we met at Justin and Mary’s June workshop, for snapping this photo of us!