Harley Davidson Engagement | Racheal & Frank

We had the pleasure of meeting up with Racheal and Frank this past weekend for their engagement photos. After we chose a location to meet, Racheal gave me a heads up that Frank would be bringing his ‘bike’ and Bryan and I immediately started to brainstorm. We had no idea what type of bike it would be, but we were fairly confident there wouldn’t be pedals. Combine some soft evening light with a Harley Davidson loving couple, and this is what we came up with. Enjoy!

april and bryan photography
Before we jumped right on the bike, we got a few photos of just the two of them.
april and bryan photography
Being in front of the camera is far from easy for most people (ourselves included). We had a great time getting to know Racheal and Frank a bit better and they did just fine in front of our cameras!
april and bryan photography
Walk through a field? I asked. No problem!
harley davidson engagement photos
It turns out the Harley is the reason these two met in the first place!
harley davidson engagement
I love everything about these images. Real love. Real emotion.
harley davidson engagement photos
I can’t divulge all of the comments that were made while we were preparing for this set. Let’s just say these smiles are 100% authentic!
harley davidson engagement photos
Oh how I love Lancaster County summer sunsets! They make for such gorgeous photos.
harley davidson engagement photos
What can I say, I’ll eat grass if it means getting an image like this.
harley davidson engagement ring photo
The ring and the bike. Doesn’t get much better.
lancaster county park engagement session
Naturally, you have to ride the bike if you bring it to a session!
harley davidson engagement photo
And then Bryan laid on the double yellow lines. Well worth it.