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SEO - Chaos to Clarity In Two Days

SEO: Chaos to Clarity In Two Days

It goes without saying that SEO is an elusive creature.  What works now might not provide the same “juice” in the future.  To that end and to do SEO properly, one must constantly evolve as it evolves, soaking in as much knowledge as possible to try and stay ahead of the game.  Its with that idea in mind that I signed up to take “Google Is a Stone-Cold Bitch” for a second time.  Yes, you read that correctly, this is my SECOND time taking this workshop with Rob.  The first time I attended, I walked out the door at the end of the second day with about with 32 pages of typed notes!  This go round was pretty close, clocking in at 25 pages.

Day One - Welcome to the Jungle

As an “alumni” I had the distinct advantage of a head start with the content that was presented.  I quickly noticed that the workshop was much more polished.  It was going to have to be for Rob to get through the insane number of slides he had prepared (and added since the last workshop).  The slides and delivery were more structured and flowed smoothly from topic to topic, each laying the foundation for the next.  The shear amount of content in this workshop can be overwhelming to even the seasoned workshop attendee.  I was very thankful I had my laptop with me as I can type much faster than I can hand write notes.  At the end of day one, I felt compelled to go back to my hotel room and get started creating a todo list as my mind was racing, thinking about all the things I needed to get working on.

Day Two - Hyper Jump To The Finish

Day two began very much like the first, diving right into it.  Everyone was hungry for more knowledge and Rob did not disappoint.  One of the great things about learning SEO in a workshop setting is that each and every person is at a different point in their SEO journey and there are lots of great questions that help add color to the discussion.  Rob is always willing to expand upon areas that students have questions, whether it's at the moment the questions comes up or later when the questions better fit in with the topic being discussed.  And before we knew it, the workshop was over.  It’s quite remarkable to look back and think of just how many slides we made it through.

Was It Worth It?

So the big question I am sure everyone is asking is “was it worth taking the class a second time?”  The answer is YES and I would take it again in the future.  I have so many items to work on and to improve on my site that by the time I get them finished, I am sure I will have generated so many more questions that I will need to attend another class in a few years.

To find out more about the content that is covered, read the review I wrote the last time I attended.

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