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Tave - Still A Dream or Now A Nightmare?


We made the move to Tave more than a year ago now.  I spent a great amount of time and energy looking into all the available solutions at the time, finally arriving at Tave.  If you’re interested, you can read my article on why we chose Tave.  Now that we are settled in, I thought I would take a few moments and provide some feedback on how things are going.

A nightmare or a dream?

No, Tave is not a nightmare.  Its truly a dream come true.  We have our installation of Tave customized to suit our needs and brand.  Responding to inquiries takes about 30 to 60 seconds.  The process goes something like this:

  1. Open Tave if we don’t already have it open in a browser tab.
  2. If the lead came in through one of our Tave contact forms, then we just navigate to the lead and click on the mail tab.
    1. From there, choose “Compose Email”.  Select one of our existing templates for initial contact with a new client.  Make any customizations based on info from their contact form submission.
    2. Hit the send button.
  3. If the lead came through a different channel, say from the Knot, the we would click the “New Lead” button and then choose “Wedding”.
    1. Fill in the date of the wedding, select the Knot as the lead source.  Enter the contact info (name and email address, phone if they provided).  Save
    2. Then follow step 2a and step 2b above.

That is all there is to it.  Quick and simple.  The above can be done from a desktop browser or mobile.

Quotes & Contracts

This part of the process is definitely a breeze with Tave.  I took the time to properly set things up (and had a little help from Kate Breuer).  We have our collections configured in a “wedding” quote.  When a potential client is ready to move forward, we go into the quotes section and create a new quote, utilizing the wedding quote template I created.  We then send the client an email with a link to the quote/contract.  Again, this email is from a template that I took the time to create once. 

From The Client Side

They receive an email with the link to the quote (as mentioned above).  This quote describes each of our collections and lets the client choose the one that they want to move forward with.  They will then be presented with the full details of the collection as well the option to add on any “optional” items to the contract.  From here, they will be shown a list of payment options.  Once they chose the method that works best for them, they will be taken to an on-boarding questionnaire.  This will collect any of the remaining information that is needed to populate the contract with specifics for this client.  When they are finished with this step, they will be take to the next to last step, the contract.  The contract will be dynamically populated with the collection (and any optional items) they chose as well as their contact info, etc. They can read over and then sign the contract.  A notification that the contract was signed will be sent to us.  The final page will provide them the ability to pay online via credit card or let us know they will be sending a check.  

Simple and straightforward both for the client and for us.

Tave has been a lifesaver and continues to be an integral part of our back office.

If you're interested in trying Tave out, use our referral code to get a 60 day free trial.

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